Are Rich People Happy People?

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A quote from the Bible, in Ecclesiastes 10:19 reads thus:

A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.

Explanation: Money as the instrument of commerce and business in the world. It is required to purchase food and wine for friends and guests at a feast to eat, drink, laugh and be merry. The feast in this sense is not a feast of poor and hungry people, but a feast of rich, wise and successful men in life and business, coming together to celebrate.
After the feast, everyone has to return home. Even though they had laughed and were merry, the feasts and wines cannot replace the basic necessities of life: food, clothing, shelter….required at home.

The feast and wine are transient and do not bring happiness. They are things a man can do without. When the curtains are drawn and a man doesn’t have enough money he needs at home, happiness runs out the door and sadness sets in.

For example: in a class of students, the best / most intelligent student doesn’t see the position as a social status. For him / her, getting the highest grades is just normal, and doesn’t change anything. The teacher is still the teacher, friends are still friends, and fellow classmates are still classmates. In fact, he / she doesn’t try to find what could be wrong with the brains of those students who fail their classes.

The word “rich” is used to describe someone who possesses wealth. Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources or valuable material possessions. Riches isn’t just about money. Calling a person/people rich or wealthy is a measure of what they have(material), who they are(social status), who they know(connections), what they can do(directly or indirectly), and the amount of respect they command(loyalty of other people).

Yes, rich people are happy. They are happy because they have enough financial muscle to purchase the niceties of life for comfort and pleasure. They are not happy because they are less stressed than the poor folks, they are happy because they are normal human beings, who find happiness in things, people and places.

Having enough money sitting in their bank accounts gives them confidence that they are prepared and ready for any challenge life throws at them. And who doesn’t want to be prepared for life’s challenges.

For example: two teenage girls are sick with the same ailment. One is from a rich family, her parents can afford the required drugs and her medical bills. The other is from a poor family, her parents can neither afford her drugs / medical bills. The first girl soon recovers and leaves the hospital. The other’s ailment is compounded by the lack of funds. The rich is happy that life is working out, while the poor laments that things are falling apart.

I desire to be wealthy, and so should you. It isn’t wrong to be wealthy. In fact, I want to be very very wealthy, wealthy enough to help a lot of people. It is heart breaking to desire to help someone or the people around you, and yet be unable to do so because you just/barely have enough for yourself.

If you don’t have enough for yourself, how can you think about others? If you don’t have enough food to eat / drink, how can you have to spare? “Yourself”, in this case meaning you and your immediate dependents.

There are no poor philanthropists, and the world of today will not give an audience to a man in rags, who wants to talk about the life of the once rich fellow. Happiness is intangible. Money can’t buy it, but money can be used for other things necessary to promote, aid, sustain and support happiness.

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