How To Be Frustrated

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So you want to be happy huh? I do too.

We all want to be happy. One step towards having a happy day everyday is making sure you are not frustrated by things, situations and people. Happiness is the length and breadth of all that we desire. By default, each one of us wants to be happy. Unfortunately, some people work themselves up around and into frustration. There are so many circumstances that could frustrate and eventually spoil your day, everyday. There are people: friends and strangers, mere acquaintances who intentionally and un-intentionally cut you short on the happiness level.

Wait a minute: leave all the things and people that can frustrate you alone. Lets talk about you, just you. How do you unintentionally frustrate yourself? what do you do? what do you think? what do you say?where do you go. In this article, I’ll give you a tutorial on how to be frustrated. Perhaps you would see one or two things you presently do and decide to stop doing it.


Somebody is the architect of your unhappiness. He/She is up to something, something to make you always unhappy. First, you have to identify the person and get close to him/her. The more you know about the person, the more frustrated you would become. Get to know him or her better. Talk to the person but don’t tell the person that you know that he/she is responsible for your frustration and unhappiness. Look for what you can share with such a person: lunch, a movie, a gift. At the back of your mind, always heap all the blame of your frustration on him/her. Don’t dare trust this person because you would always be disappointed. The first step towards frustration is identifying and blaming someone for your unhappiness.


Now that you have someone to heap the blame of your unhappiness on, the next step to frustration is your obsession with happiness. Check up on how you feel regularly. If you are not feeling happy, there is a problem. You have to run after happiness, you have to pursue it, you have to catch it. You have to demand your happiness from people around you, don’t let it go. There will definitely be people whose business it is to make sure you are unhappy. You have to pick a fight with such people, put your feet down. There are things around you that aren’t making you happy. Change such things. If its a piece of furniture, dispose it and buy a new one. If its a car, change the car. If its your job, quit your job. Make sure you catch it, feel it: happiness.


Wherever you go, look for people talking or having a conversation. If they are laughing, laugh with them. Join their discussion regardless of the topic at hand. It doesn’t really matter if they want you to chat with them. And just in case they are arguing, join the argument and don’t back down till they all agree with your point of view.


Smiling is contagious, so just smile. Smile and make sure the person you smile at smiles back. If you are in a public place, smile at everybody. And if he / she doesn’t return the smile, demand for an explanation or a valid reason. Maybe there is some dirt on your face or theirs, maybe they don’t know you, maybe they don’t like you. Make sure you get a ‘smile back’ before leaving the person alone.


If you can’t smile at everybody, try frowning. The reason why you are not taken seriously and not noticed is because you smile too much. What are you even smiling about? Why should you be smiling everywhere you go? Frown, and let people know you are tough. If you frown, you will be respected, you will be given a front seat at events. Nobody will want to mess with you. With a frown, you look sophisticated and deep in thought


If someone yells at you, make sure you yell back, and yell more. If someone does something that pisses you off, return the favor with several things that pisses him/her off too. If you allow things like this to slide, people will always piss you off again. And if someone mistakenly steps on your feet, step on his/her two feet back. Who said you should turn the other cheek?It’s like when you are behind the wheels and someone overtakes you, insult upon injury. What are you doing at the back. Zoom off and let those behind you lick your dust.


There are some people who go around saying ‘thank you’ to other people who render services or do them a favor. Why? Why should you say thank you to people for things that are clearly your own right? Even if it was a favor, a favor is a favor and nothing more than a favor. You could also do someone else a favor and he/she won’t say a ‘thank you’. Why do you allow yourself to be cheated off your rights? Friend, don’t be a doormat. Stop the thank you sh*t.


I wonder what you are sorry for. Anything small thing, you’ll say “I’m sorry”. What on earth is that? Are you sorry for yourself or for others or are you sorry for being sorry. One day, you’ll be sorry for the whole world. Is it your fault? Even if its your fault, we are all human beings and we make mistakes. Isn’t it a stupidly monotonous statement: “Im sorry”?


So you wake up late everyday; and so what, everybody wakes up late. Take your time to do all that you need to do before doing any other thing. Spend your time anyhow you want it, and with whom ever. Go everywhere you can, enjoy yourself. Life is short, live it to the fullest. Tomorrow is another 24hours waiting for a killing. Don’t allow anyone to dictate what time you are to do something, go somewhere, sleep, wake up or act.


If you don’t complain about stuffs, how will stuffs change? Don’t waste time by trying to change or manage any situation. Ring the bell and let people know what you don’t like, why you don’t like it, what can be done to make you like it, and when you are expecting a solution. Even if you can make things better, don’t lift a finger. Thats why you are paying your taxes if you are an adult. Complain to your daddy or your mommy; complain online, complain on twitter and facebook, set up a weblog just for your complaints; air your views sir and make sure the whole world knows about all the things you don’t like.


Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself. Who do you see? Yourself, right. Don’t you like what you see? You are such an important person. Don’t let someone change your opinion about that. Don’t let someone talk you down or think of you less. You can’t sit pretty and watch as someone else directs your show. I earlier said don’t take sh*t from nobody. Your motto has to be “Me First”. Wear the best clothes and shoes available and make sure you stand out in any crowd. If you are on a queue, or seated, make sure you are always at the front. Life starts at the front-row, not at the back.


If you want to be frustrated, you have to work on your superiority complex. You have to get it as high and pronounced as it can be. It has to be obvious and audible. You have to talk superior, dress superior, walk superior, be superior, spend superior and look superior. Forget about all the losers around you. If you are not superior, then what are you? You must think superior and act like it. You can be the best as a student, you can be the best employee, you can be the most successful person in the world. Even Bill.G won’t be able to match what you have in your bank account. You have to compare yourself to people around you. If someone has something you don’t have, you have to go get what you are lacking. You have to be at par, at a higher level than everybody. This is why they say the sky has to be the beginning.


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