Happiness: of wealth and its attendant problems

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In a previous post with title / where the question was asked : CAN MONEY BUY HAPPINESS, it posits that neither the rich or poor can buy happiness with money. This is because money can only buy tangible things, yes which can promote and sustain happiness, but such “happiness” will fade and wear out with time.

Now, I continue talking about my car:

Wealth requires more wealth to manage wealth:

After about a year with my first car, I began thinking of buying a second one. Why? I had been car-less for like a week each, twice throughout the whole year because the car was at the mechanic’s shop for repair. Buying a second car suddenly looked like the most thoughtful thing to do – at least I could have a backup car. I soon remembered that another car would cost money, and require more parking space. I’ll also have to maintain it(financially), and security wise. I would have more to loose if anything happened to the two cars.

If you wonder why rich people are still busy looking for more money, it is because the only way to sustain / maintain riches is with more riches. A business man needs more money(than the last time) to invest in his business so that it will grow. A celebrity or public figure might buy an expensive car, but to maintain the car, secure and service it, replace parts, etc., costs more than maintaining a normal car which doesn’t draw any physical attention in the public. As celebrities who have to always be in the public eye, and have the cameras on them, their expensive lifestyles require money and more money to sustain.

Rich people have rich people problems

Everyone has his or her own share of life’s challenges. If a rich person has the same challenge as the poor, the rich man’s challenge is more pronounced because of the rich persons social status. In fact, the rest of us don’t want to hear the rich man complaining of a challenge / difficulty. We conclude that money can solve everything.

If the rich couple have marital issues, we conclude the problem is traceable to money. Perhaps, the wife is richer than the husband, perhaps the wife found another richer man than her husband, etc. If their children do something wrong publicly, their offense is quickly tied to the fact they are spoilt rich kids. We forget that our children made and are still making the same mistakes too. Should a rich family go out for a stroll, the paparazzi is on their tail – no more privacy.

And when a rich person says he is broke, we refute it because the amount of money he still has in his bank account runs into hundreds of millions, way more than all the money that the poor person every had in his lifetime. The truth is, the rest of us expect certain things / ways of life from the rich. When the rich acts like a poor man, he is said to be stingy. If the rich lavishes his wealth, he is said to be proud and wasteful. If he gives to the poor, he is accused of not giving enough. Thus, the rich is placed on a pedestal from which they cannot come down. Should tides turn, the rich isn’t pitied. The poor expects the rich to always give his wealth out, but the poor doesn’t think of giving to the rich.

The rich are expected to conform to some way of life. They are expected to wear the best clothes, always look cute, never have wrinkles, always be very happy and confident, never be sad, always smiling back at us, tweet the right messages and take the right set of pictures. Should they be at all human and not conform to social expectations, we gnaw at them, write stories, paste their faces all over the media, subtly shade them and call them names.


  • what other kind of social problems are the rich subjected to?

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