Video: Happiness – Spoken Word

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Now, quality or state of feeling happy, having good fortune, contentment, pleasure or joy. Like that moment when as a child you were given your first toy, its the experiences you have in life that show you its the little things that matter.

Those small details that brings everything together, its not about wealth, fashion, gourmet food, or which i-Phone version is better, because no matter how many times you upgrade series, you wont have all the answers. Its about the relationships that you build that build you a strong character in return.

Around the world, there’s people with no money, no clothing, no food; survival, each day is what they push themselves through; we have everything, they have little to almost nothing. But on the scale of defining happiness, we are the ones who have something left to learn, that its perspective.

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times when one only remembers the tail of the light, happiness is the sun that radiates rays of moments that lights up the world, like that moment when you look at your best friend, without saying one word, and you both smile, because its as if the forces of telephathy have conjoined your thoughts into one.

That moment when your crush checks the ‘yes, I do like you back’, on that secret, but not so secret, no too left. When you come home and you smell that sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies coming from the kitchen, and your mouth starts to water, and your stomach gets excited.

Like that moment when at the age of four, your grandparents lets you ride their backs so you could reach out and touch the sky; or that moment when your life flashes before your eyes, you blink and realize that you are still alive.

The warmth you feel when someone you love gives you a huge bear hug, and you are laughing so hard that you find yourself crying, its so good coz your happiness got a good workout.

Happiness is eating a candy apple, taking a shower when there is still hot water left, standing at the edge of a cliff, arms raised to the sky with adrenaline rushing through every vein of your body.

Happiness is the moment that brings about a smile, the feeling that changes you for the better, the reason why you changed in the first place. Follow happiness wherever it may lead you, take all the moments and lessons that it gives.

It doesn’t stop, not here or there, it keeps going, Happiness is a journey and not a destination, its perspective.


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